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Sylvanian Families Town Girl Series - Maple Cat - Euro Version

Maple Cat - is a florist who arranges many different types of flowers, adding a dash of colour to the town.

Maple Cat Older Sister is cheerful and always smiling; she makes the visitors to Town feel all warm and fuzzy. In her spare time, Miranda Maple loves reading engaging mystery novels and regularly lets the stories inspire her work in the floristry.

Play together with the Maple Cat Family,  Maple Cat Baby and Maple Cat Twins for even more fun (sold separately).


Sylvanian Families Town Girl Series - Maple Cat

  • Product Code: TESF053638
  • Availability: In Stock
  • RM49.99

Tags: Sylvanian Families, Sylvanian Families Euro Version, Sylvanian Families Town Girl Series Maple Cat



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